Serhii Ustych

Institution: Institute for Cross-Border Cooperation
Phone: +  380501066159

Research area: Cross-Border Cooperation

Postion in project: professional guarantor of the project

Your opinion on the project: The project is very important in the light of the geopolitical changes taking place in the world and highlighting the problems of security and regional cooperation. The project combines the features of scientific analysis and applied development, adds weight to it both from the theoretical and from the practical point of view. Experienced experts from different parts of the European continent were involved in the project implementation, ensuring its results with a spatial synergistic effect. Also a very positive feature of it is the complementarity of the expert-analytical and sociological components.

The best publiciations:
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Устич С.І. Кордон, війна та мир в долі сучасного світу. Тріада життя чи колапсу?/Сергій Устич.— Ужгород:Карпати, 2010.—342с.
Serhii Ustych. Systems theory of borders and transborder processes. – Saarbrücken: Scholars’ Press. – 2015. – 492 P.
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Ustych S. Analysis and conclusions for the Ukraine-EU borders/ SerhiiUstych// Ex borea lux? Learning from the Finnish and Norwegian Experience of Cross-border Cooperation with Eastern Neighbours.—Prague: ISD,2012.—Р.74-81.