Olesia Benchak

Institution: Institute for Cross-Border Cooperation
E-mail:  benchak2504@gmail.com
Phone: + 380951591668

Postion in project: project manager

Your opinion on the project: The project “Information support and implementation of innovative approaches to CBC of Slovakia and Ukraine” (funded by a grant from the Norwegian kingdom with the help of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and co-financed from the state budget of the Slovak Republic) allowed us to explore the latest and most effective forms of cross-border cooperation practiced in northern Europe (city of Kirkenes, Norway). Taking into account the Scandinavian partners’ experience will help improve the quality of cross-border cooperation in the Carpathian region, avoid overlapping and duplication of work, and, most importantly, use available resources (human, financial, material, time, etc.) to build CBC efficiently and economically.

This invaluable experience is a good guarantee for achievement objectives of the project “Through innovation – to effective cooperation”.

Research area: Cross-Border Cooperation

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